Our consultants will use their years of professional experience to guide you through our solutions and ensure that you gain maximum business benefits.

The establishment of the implementation process for each client begins as a pre-sales exercise. Our experienced consultants visit each prospect and undertake a scoping exercise to gain a full and detailed understanding of the business, its processes and its people.

By comparing requirements with the known features and functionality of our product range, the Safe consultant provides a detailed report, identifying the anticipated time required for the various project stages broken down as follows:

  • project management
  • design workshops and consultancy
  • implementation and configuration
  • software development
  • data migration
  • training
  • quality assurance
  • user acceptance testing
  • go live support and hand holding
  • support transition
  • account management hand over
  • post implementation reviews

Our Project managers will work closely with the applications consultants throughout the entire project, ensuring time scales are met and that objectives established in the scoping report are achieved.


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