Safe Financials business accounting software will integrate seamlessly with your line of business applications or may be deployed alongside a range of other modules to create a full enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Collectively referred to as ‘commercials’, these modules include the following:

  • stock and inventory management
  • sales order processing
  • purchase order processing
  • job costing and contract management
  • warehouse management system
  • ecommerce

Stock and inventory management

The system will control all of your stock, whether raw materials, sub assemblies, finished products and consumables. Extensive configuration options allow the system to be implemented to suit your business. Multiple location control, including stores and bins, allows you to control the stock within individual branches as well as controlling and tracking the transfer of stock between branches. The product definition facility allows you to maintain a large amount of information relating to your products in one place, including links to external documents and images. All stock movements are recorded, whether into, within or out of the system and by implementing lot control, first in first out (FIFO) or last in first out (LIFO), full stock traceability is provided. Full integration with other Safe modules enables easy drill down from parts and products to relevant purchase requisitions, purchase orders, supplier price lists, sales orders and customer price lists.

Sales order processing

Simple, rapid entry, point of sale orders or complex sales orders that progress through quotation, picking, despatch and invoicing phases are definable within this module. Comprehensive pricing definitions include standard and published price lists, customer specific price lists and discount structures and promotional prices and discounts. All prices and discounts may be subject to quantity or values based break points. Forward and back ordering is supported as standard, as is electronic data interchange (EDI) and integration with our ecommerce offering. Extensive sales analysis reports allow your business to track, monitor and respond to trends, leading to a more effective and profitable sales function.

Purchase order processing

This module provides management, control and administration of the purchasing of both goods and services. Extensive configuration options allow the system to be implemented to suit your business, with multiple purchase order definitions. Comprehensive authorisation rules ensure control over expenditure whilst the approved and preferred supplier functionality combined with multiple price lists and returns management, ensures best practice and eradicates non conformance. Distributed or centralised purchase ordering is supported by requisitioning functionality with the option to roll out all functionality via our web portal, offering a cost effective and intuitive means of implementing company wide purchasing control.

Job costing and contract management

Fully integrated with all other components of the Safe product range, the job costing modules manages and tracks any job, providing real time and accurate costs and profitability, optionally against estimates defined within the system. Our module will accumulate and report your job costs, whether these are from manufacture for stock, manufacture for customers, services to customers or business overheads which still need to be recorded and analysed. Cost details are posted as soon as the stock is issued, purchases are received or employee timesheets logged so that job profitability can be monitored continuously through the life of the job.

Warehouse management system

Complimenting the stock and inventory module, our specialised warehouse management system (WMS) provides functionality to optimise the use of space within the warehouse and drive the efficiency of the process from goods inward through to despatch. Our system provides optimised tasks to the operatives and with truck mounted or handheld terminals and bar code scanners, ensure efficient and error free processes. Increased visibility of stock levels, more accurate picking and placement of stock and enhanced productivity and the key benefits of deploying this module.


Use of web based sales and purchasing is now common place in many households and businesses. Growth of e-procurement and e-commerce has led to a step change in business efficiency. Safe offer a comprehensive e-commerce module that integrates with all other modules and may be tailored to meet each businesses specific requirement. Integration with other business systems using XML schemas produces streamlined business process across multiple, often disparate businesses.

In today’s fast paced and cost concious business environment a reliable financial management software is an essential business intelligence supplier, contact us today and see what you can achieve when you are Safe powered.

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