Shared Service Centres or Localised Resources

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Shared Service Centres or Localised Resources

Growth within a business, whether through acquisition or organically, often results in repetition of business process and the resultant resources required.  This may manifest itself in the form of multiple business systems within your organisation, either replication of the same one or several different business systems all performing the same function.

By not taking a step back to consider the potential costs of either streamlining systems and processing on a single, common platform or the overheads of not doing so, you are in danger of damaging your business.  The potential long term cost savings of adopting a single, centralised solution are significant and in these days of reducing margins, every effort should be made to act now to influence your bottom line at the earliest opportunity.

The inherent danger in centralising business systems and processes is a perceived lack of control and visibility of key corporate information at a localised level.  Safe specialise in the provision of business and accounting software solutions, with a focus on accounts receivables, deploying a centralised system but with managed and controlled access to all appropriate data and functions at a localised level via state of the are web applications.

To see how Safe have helped Village Hotels to maximise the benefits of centralisation whilst maintaining accessibility at each of their hotels, please follow this link,


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