Taking the ‘Safe’ route to mitigating your credit risk

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Safe are delighted to announce the latest release of Safe Financials credit control module with their advanced integration with Creditsafe.

A common aspect of all credit control departments is the use of credit ratings and data providers in helping businesses to stay abreast of their clients’ financial health, manage their debtor situation and be aware of any impending insolvency or other negative events.

Safe have teamed up with Creditsafe to create a fully integrated solution within the Safe Credit Control software solution.  A single key click provides a full credit check report with automated updates of all relevant financial data, including key elements such as credit limit, risk category and risk score.  A detailed PDF report is automatically downloaded and retained within the customer document management system.

Furthermore the Safe solution uses the risk category to determine if a periodic refresh of the credit report is required and if so, this is once again performed automatically.  Optionally, a customer may be monitored and Creditsafe will highlight any out of line situation, e.g. change in credit limit, increase in risk score, CCJ issued, new accounts filed.  The credit controllers are proactively alerted within Safe Credit Control and a credit report refresh automatically takes place.

Eddie Stanley, Safe Commercial Director for Safe Financials, commented “Proactive credit management is a key principle of Safe Credit Control and the seamless integration with Creditsafe underpins this, helping our customers to reduce debtors, mitigate risk and enhance customer service”

Credit Safe’s Global Product Director, Chris Long, added, “We are always seeking to enhance our products and services and working with Safe will help us to deliver integrated solutions that will make a real impact on our customers bottom line”

About Creditsafe

With business information available on over 190 million companies worldwide, Creditsafe are the world’s most used provider of company credit reports. Through Creditsafe’s extensive databases and global data partners Creditsafe are able to deliver the most up to date and predictive credit information available. The Creditsafe product suite is designed to help protect against bad debt and help grow businesses with the minimum risk. Every Creditsafe product is developed with the feedback of our 200,000 user base in mind. For more information about Creditsafe please visit www.creditsafeuk.com

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